EAVE projects SOLE and THE TREE are shooting

In production October 2018

TOO FAR AWAY (ZU WEIT WEG) by Sarah Winkenstette, producer: EAVE graduate and German National Coordinator Jonas Weydemann is shooting. The plot: 11-year-old Ben's village will soon be only an open brown coal mine. He and his family move to a nearby city but Ben fails to fit in at his new school. Bullied, he returns secretly to his old, abandoned home. His one pleasure, football, pales with the arrival of 12-year-old Tariq, a Syrian refugee and better player. But when bureaucracy stops Tariq playing and he runs away, Ben finds him and learns that Tariq is desperate to be reunited with his scattered family. To cheer him up, Ben shares his biggest secret: the village. Jealousy on the football field becomes friendship and understanding. So when Tariq's brother calls from Amsterdam, wanting Tariq to join him, he will leave with happy memories and Ben can finally feel at home in his new life. Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, BKM, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, Creative Europe support the project.


EAVE project SOLE by Carlo Sironi, producer: EAVE graduate Giovanni Pompili and Agnieszka Wasiak started principal photography in Rome. Shooting will last six weeks on locations in Rome and the seaside town of Nettuno. Sole is a co-production between Italy and Poland (Lava films) with the support of Eurimages, Mibact, PFI, RAI Cinema, Torino Film Lab, and Lazio Cinema international.


EAVE project THE TREE by Louw Venter, producers: EAVE graduates Elias Ribeiro and Cait Pansegrouw is shooting. The plot: When Grace, a homeless Zimbabwean refugee is kidnapped on the streets of a Muslim neighbourhood in Cape Town, five wildly disparate lives begin to intersect in painful and surprising ways.


TTB project FAR FRONTIERS by EAVE participant Maxim Dashkin, producer: EAVE participant Anna von Dziembowska is in production. The story: Maria, a wife of a deputy commander of a military base, begins a relationship with another officer. Their affair quickly spirals out of control, fatally and irreversibly changing the course of Maria’s and her family’s life. With the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia.


TTB project MOTEL ACACIA by TTB graduate Bradley Liew, producers: TTB graduate and group leader Bianca Balbuena and TTB graduate Jeremy Chua, co-producers: by EAVE graduates Bostjan Virc and Sinisa Juricic is set to start principle photography at the end of November in Philippines and Slovenia. Further co-production companies are Black Sheep (Philippines), Mandarin Vision (Taiwan), White Light Post (Thailand) and Tier Pictures (Singapore). The plot: One snowy winter somewhere in Spain, resides Motel Acacia, a sex motel where illegal immigrants pay to remain invisible from immigration. It’s run by the Father who seeks to prepare his Son to take over the motel. Revealing secrets which include voyeuring passageways behind the walls and a bed haunted with the spirit of a tree demon that eats men and impregnates women. MOTEL ACACIA has been developed under Jerusalem Film Lab with script doctor Clare Downs, EAVE Ties That Bind, Talents Tokyo, and has been presented at BiFan’s NAFF IT Project and the Berlinale Co-Production Market. It was also awarded the Talents Tokyo Next Masters development fund.


POISSONSEXE by Olivier Babinet, co-producer: EAVE graduate Valérie Bournonville is shooting. The screenplay is set in the near future and focuses on Daniel, a biologist studying the disappearance of fish (which have totally stopped reproducing for some mysterious reason) and haunted by fatherhood. While looking for the mother of his children, he comes across a strange fish and discovers what he is really lacking in life: love. Produced by Masa Sawada for the Parisian outfit Comme des Cinémas, Poissonsexe is co-produced by the Belgian company Tarantula. Pre-purchased by Canal+ and Ciné+, the feature film received an advance on earnings from the CNC, Wallimage, the regions of Normandy and New Aquitaine, Sofica Cinémage and the Landes department. Shooting will last five weeks and will involve the collaboration of the Finnish director of photography Timo Salminen, who already previously collaborated on Olivier Babinet's first two feature films.


WILLOW by Milcho Manchevski, co-producer: EAVE graduate Hubert Toint is in production. The film recounts two and a half love stories spanning four centuries. The five central characters are young people from large cities and villages. The project is supported by the Macedonian Film Agency, the Hungarian National Film Fund, the Albanian National Center of Cinematography and the Bulgarian National Film Center. The film is coproduced by the Tirana Film Institute, Saga Film and Pioneer Films.


FATHER by Srdan Golubovic, co-producer: EAVE graduate and group leader Danijel Hocevar is shooting. The film tells the story of a man who sees his children taken away because of poverty, a story of a humiliated man who, through his journey from his village in the south of Serbia to the capital city, out of protest, dignity and desperation, becomes a hero. The film is supported by Film Center Serbia, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the Slovenian Film Center, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Film Fund, France’s CNC - Cinéma du Monde, Germany’s MDM Fund, ZDF Arte, Eurimages and the MEDIA Creative Europe. FATHER will be shot on location in Eastern Serbia and Belgrade over 60 shooting days.

Page published 30 October 2018.

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