EAVE projects HISTORY OF LOVE, SOLE and THE TREE are shooting

In Production June 2017

  • EAVE project HISTORY OF LOVE by Sonja Prosenc, producers: EAVE graduates Nadja Trevisan, Rok Secen, co-producer: EAVE graduate Jarle Bjørknes started shooting. Set up as a contemporary psychological drama, the film tells the story of a girl who, after the death of her mother, submerges herself in a world completely different from the one she is used to in order to come to terms with her new reality.


  • EAVE project THE TREE by Louw Venter, producer: EAVE graduate Elias Ribeiro goes into production. The plot: When Grace, a homeless Zimbabwean refugee is kidnapped on the streets of a Muslim neighbourhood in Cape Town, five wildly disparate lives begin to intersect in painful and surprising ways. The film is supported by the National Film and Video Foundation South Africa and the Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein Film Fund.


  • BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW by Interchange graduate Samir, co-producers: EAVE graduate Christine Alderson and EAVE+ graduate Herbert Schwering is in production. Filming for the thriller on the Iraqi community in exile in North London will take place in Baghdad, Zurich, London and Cologne. The story revolves around a small London Abu Nawas café: a popular hangout for artists, communists and gay Iraqi exiles in London, close to the Salafist Mosque. When Nasseer, a fanatic religious youth and nephew of poet Taufiq, attacks his uncle's friends, he sets into action a course of events that will turn everyone's life upside down. The film is a co-production between Switzerland’s Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion, Germany’s Coin Film and Ipso Facto Films of UK.


  • THE RIDDLE OF JAAN NIEMAND by Kaur Kokk, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Kissa is in production. The story is inspired by the bleak times after the Great Northern War. For years, the people have been oppressed by war, death, famine and the plague. The main character is Jaan, a man found on the beach. Jaan doesn’t remember his past and is taken to live with the baron of the local manor house. As time passes, hints about the secretive past and actions of this mysterious stranger start to crop up. THE RIDDLE OF JAAN NIEMAND is financed by the Estonian Film Institute and Creative Europe MEDIA. 


  • ALICE T. by Radu Muntean, producer: EAVE graduate Oana Iancu will start shooting in the beginning of August. The film tells the story of Alice, the failed project of a mother who, because she was unable to have a child of her own, adopted a charming little girl, who then turned into an impertinent and not very attractive teenager, a compulsive liar, who seems to be nothing more than an endless source of problems. The film is produced by Romania’s Multi Media Est in coproduction with Sweden’s Chimney and France’s Les Films de L'Apres Midi. The Romanian Film Centre, the Swedish regional fund Film I Väst and MEDIA Creative Europe are supporting.


  • THE LAST ONES by Veiko Ounpuu, producer: EAVE graduates Katrin Kissa, co-producers: EAVE graduates Misha Jaari and Mark Lwoff starts shooting in August. The film takes place in the Lapland tundra in a mining village, filled with tensions between reindeer herders and local miners. Rupi is a tough young miner, estranged from his family. He falls in love with his friend’s wife, who has also caught the eye of the owner of the mine. Produced by Homeless Bob Production and Bufo from Finland the film received support from the Estonian Film Institute, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Finnish Film Foundation, Yle, Lapland Film Commission and Creative Europe MEDIA. Shooting in Lapland will be finished in November.


  • LAZZARO FELICE by Alice Rohrwacher, producer: EAVE graduate Carlo Cresto-Dina starts shooting. Through the adventures of Lazzaro, a naïve man born in a farming hamlet that has thoroughly steered clear of the modern world, the director intends to adopt the style of a poetic tale as she studies the profound, major changes that have taken place in Italian society over the last 30 years. Staged by Italian outfit Tempesta, the feature will be co-produced for France by Ad Vitam Production as well as by AMKA Films Productions (Switzerland) and The Match Factory (Germany). Shooting is planned from late July until early October. 


  • EAVE project SOLE by Carlo Sironi, producer: EAVE graduate Giovanni Pompili is in production. Funded by IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige the film is produced by Kino Produzioni in co-production with Méroé Films. SOLE tells the story of Ermanno who spends his days with petty theft. Then he meets pregnant Rada, who wants to give her baby away in Italy to start a new life. They pass themselves off as a couple and promise the newborn baby to Ermanno's brother and his wife, who can't have any children. To get the adoption through, though, they have to keep on playing the part of a couple, and so they get to know and appreciate each other. When Rada's daughter, Sole, is born prematurely and needs her mother's breast, Rada decides to be unfeeling , whereas Ermanno takes care of the child as if it were his own.

Page published 29 June 2017.

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