EAVE project THE DIARY OF DIANA B. now in post-production

In post-production December 2018

AND THEY STILL MAY BE ALIVE TODAY by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, producers: EAVE graduates Bogdan Craciun and Konstantina Stavrianou is in post-production. The screenplay follows Clara and Vlad, two lonely 30-somethings who start a relationship by pretending to be in love in the hope that they will actually fall in love. The story explores how the two characters develop at completely different paces in their fake relationship, moving from loneliness to anxiety, from passion to depression and slowly discovering what love is (or isn’t) and whether the powerful feeling is really possible between them. The feature is a co-production between Romania’s Libra Film Productions, represented by Tudor Giurgiu and Bogdan Cr?ciun, and Greece’s Graal S.A., represented by Konstantina Stavrianou. The Romanian National Film Centre and the Greek Film Centre supported the feature. Shooting started at the beginning of November and recently wrapped up with Bucharest.

EAVE project SOLE by Carlo Sironi, producers: EAVE graduates Giovanni Pompili and Agnieszka Wasiak is in post-production. The plot: Ermanno spends his days at the slot machines, waiting for a change. One day, Lena turns up in Italy, wanting to sell her baby and start a new life. The two of them pretend to be a couple in order to allow Ermanno's uncle and his wife, who cannot have children, to get custody of the child quickly, via the relatives adoption route. Sole, however, is premature, and needs to be breastfed, and although Lena tries to reject her link with her daughter, Ermanno begins to take care of her as if she were his own. The film is a co-production between Italy and Poland, produced by Kino Produzioni and Lava Films, in collaboration with RAI Cinema. The film has received support from MiBAC, Eurimages, Lazio Cinema International and the Polish Film Institute, as well as a development fund from IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige Film Fund & Commission. During its development phase, SOLE was selected for Résidence de la Cinéfondation at Cannes, the Script Station at the Berlinale, the Sundance Mediterranean Lab and the TorinoFilmLab, where it won the Production Award last year. Filming lasted six weeks and took place in Rome and Nettuno.

PELIKANBLUT, written and directed by Katrin Gebbe, producer: EAVE graduate Verena Gräfe-Höft is in post-production. The emotional drama tracing the relationship between a mother and her adoptive daughter is produced by Junafilm, Campfilm, Miramarfilm. Funded by Filmfund Hamburg Schleswig Holstein, SWR / Arte, Torino FeatureLab, Berlinale Coproduction Market.

EAVE project THE DIARY OF DIANA B. by Dana Budisavljevic, producer: EAVE graduate Miljenka Cogelja is in post-production. Synopsis: Fifteen years ago, atop a box containing worn-out children’s clothes, a diary of an extraordinary woman was discovered – a wartime testimony of a charity taking at that time probably incredible proportions. On a cold winter day, in February 1942, Diana Budisavljevi? decided to do something for the thousands of children who were dying in UstaĊĦe camps every day from hunger, sickness and cold. She launched an action that saved 12,000 children by 1945 and took careful records of all the information available so that the children could safely return to their families once the war was over.

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