EAVE project PSYCHOBITCH supported by Eurimages

In Development / Pre-Production October 2017

At its 148th meeting held in October 2017 in Skopje, the Eurimages Fund agreed to support 22 feature films, 7 documentaries and one animation project for a total amount of 5.6 m Euros. Among them are these films by EAVE graduates:

  • EPICENTRO by Hubert Sauper, producer: EAVE graduate Gabriele Kranzelbinder
  • EXEMPLARY BEHAVIOUR by Audrius Mickevicius, producer: EAVE graduate Stefano Tealdi
  • FUGUE, directed and produced by EAVE graduate Artemio Benki
  • GOD EXISTS, HER NAME IS PETRUNIJA by Teona Strugar Mitevska, producers: EAVE graduate and Macedonian National Coordinator Labina Mitevska, Sébastien Delloye, EAVE group leader Danijel Hocevar
  • IN THE BEAT OF A HEART by EAVE graduate Tudor Giurgiu, producer: EAVE graduate Bogdan Craciun
  • LES FILLES DU SOLEIL by Eva Husson, producers: EAVE graduates Didar Domehri, Vladimer Katchavara and Dan Wechsler
  • OUTSIDE by Michal Hogenauer, producer: EAVE graduate Stienette Bosklopper, EAVE graduate and Latvian National Coordinator Aija Berzina
  • SISTERS by Emin Alper, co-producers: EAVE graduate Jonas Dornbach, Stienette Bosklopper
  • THE EXTRAORDINARY VOYAGE OF MARONA by EAVE graduate Anca Damian, producer: EAVE graduate Tomas Leyers
  • THE FATHER by Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov, co-producer: EAVE graduate Konstantina Stavrianou
  • PHOTOGRAPH-WOMEN by Ester Sparatore, producer: EAVE graduate Giovanni Pompili 


Supported by Creative Europe MEDIA Development Fund are the following projects by EAVE graduates:

  • 1989, producers: EAVE graduates Katarina Krnacova and Joanna Szymanska
  • BLINDED, producers: EAVE graduates Katrin Pors and Mikkel Jersin
  • DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE, producer: EAVE graduate Ida Weiss
  • FAMILY, producer: EAVE graduate Zivile Gallego
  • HOW I LEARNED TO FLY, producers: EAVE graduates Maja Popovic and Milan Stojanovic
  • IL BOEMO, produced by EAVE graduate Jan Macola
  • MARA, producer: EAVE graduate Snezana Penev
  • MY ONLY WAY OUT, producer: EAVE graduate Reinier Selen
  • (N)Ostalgia, producer: EAVE graduates Marion Guth and Stephan Hueber-Blies
  • OINK’S REVENGE, producer: EAVE graduate Marleen Slot
  • OUR BABY, producer: EAVE graduates Valérie Bournonville, Donato Rotunno, Elise André
  • EAVE project PSYCHOBITCH, producer: EAVE graduate Ruben Thorkildsen
  • RIDERS, producer: EAVE graduate Miha Cernec
  • THE LAST EXPEDITION, producer: EAVE graduate Monika Braid
  • TELEBRIDGE, producer: EAVE graduate Inese Boca-Grube
  • CORCOVADO BOREALIS, producer: EAVE graduate Marija Razgute 
  • THE GENDARME, producer: EAVE graduate Anamaria Antoci
  • YOUNG TESLA AND IDEA POACHERS, producer. EAVE graduate Sinisa Juricic
  • ENCORE HEUREUX QU’ON VA VERS L’ETE by Catherine Maximoff, producer: EAVE graduate Patrice Nezan


The Netherlands Film Fund has announced the results of the latest round of its Production Incentive scheme. Among the 19 supported fiction films and documentaries are 11 international co-productions.

  • 10 SONGS FOR CHARITY by Karin Junger, producer: EAVE graduate Tomas Leyers
  • ALL ALONE by Bobo Jelcic, producers: EAVE graduates Zdenka Gold, Natasa Damnjanovic
  • GOUD by Rogier Heps, producer: EAVE graduate Frank Hoeve
  • GOUDHEITSWAANZIN Erik Verkerk & Joost van den Bosch, producer: EAVE graduate Peter Bouckaert
  • DE PERFEKTE MAN by Jeroen Houben, producer: EAVE graduate Léontine Petit
  • PORT AUTHORITY by Danielle Lessovitz, producer: EAVE graduate Derk-Jan Warrink
  • SUNBURNED by Carolina Hellsgård, producer: EAVE graduate Nicole Gerhards
  • THE LAST ONES by Veiko Ounpuu, producers: EAVE graduates Katrin Kissa, Ellen Havenith, Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff


  • THE GENDARME by Dan Chisu, producer: EAVE graduate Anamaria Antoci is in pre-production. Written by Chisu, the screenplay’s starting point is a real event: in 2013, a screening of the LGBT film The Kids Are All Right in an arthouse cinema in Bucharest was interrupted by representatives of a far-right movement, who started protesting against the film's message. THE GENDARME shows what happened from the point of view of the leader of the team sent by the local Gendarmerie to make sure the disturbance didn’t escalate. The film is supported by the Romanian National Film Center. Producer Antoci is already negotiating a co-production deal with a Dutch production company. She also has her eye on France and Romania’s neighbouring countries as possible co-production partners. Shooting is planned for next summer.


  • Ties That Bind project MOTEL ACACIA by Bradlew Liew, producer: Ties That Bind graduate Bianca Balbuena is in the final stages of development. Taipei-based film and TV powerhouse MandarinVision has boarded Bradley Liew’s upcoming horror picture, set against a brothel with a sinister mission to bump off migrant workers.


  • EAVE project THE ALLEYS, produced by EAVE graduate Rula Nasser is in development. The project is in the stadium of script writing and the producer is expecting to reach the next step until the end of the year.


  • EAVE project CITIZEN SAINT, produced and directed by EAVE graduate Tiantin Karjushvili is currently in its final financing process. Kajrishvili and Gia Alavidze wrote the script about a statue of a saint, that comes to life. None of the officials know what to do with him. The Saint is accused of damaging artwork, ruining the city’s only tourist attraction and being a swindler. Mary, an employee in the city’s local museum, wants to protect him, but her efforts are in vain. Gemini and Artizm are producing in co-production with Sweden’s Momento Film and Germany's UnaFilm. Producers are the EAVE graduates Tinatin Kajrishvili, Lasha Khalvashi, David Herdies and Titus Kreyenberg. The project is supported by the Georgian National Film Center, Eurimages and Baltic Event. The project participated in the MFI Script2Film 2016, La Fabrique di Cinema Du Monde 2016 and Producers on The Move 2017.


  • JADDOLAND by Nadia Shihab, producer: EAVE graduate Talal Al-Muhanna gets grants from Sundance Institute's Documentary Film Program for post-production.
  • ROOM FOR A MAN by Anthony Chidiac, co-producer: EAVE graduate Talal Al-Muhanna gets grant from Arab Fund for Arts & Culture.

EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs)
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Inese Boka-Grube Mistrus Media, project Telebridge from Latvia as well! 
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EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs)
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Eva Brazdžionytė
Eva Brazdžionytė Marija Razgute as well ! 🙂 Ciobreliai 
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EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs)
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