EAVE project IRON STREAM supported by the World Cinema Fund

In Development / Pre-Production July 2017

The World Cinema Fund (WCF) jury has made their selection out of 182 submissions from a total of 47 countries and awarded production funds totalling 524,000 €. Six of the selected films are produced by EAVE graduates.

WCF Production Funding

  • THE REPORTS ON SARAH AND SALEEM  by Muayad Alayan, co-producer: EAVE graduate Hanneke Niens
  • EAVE project IRON STREAM by Kamar Ahmad Simon, producer: EAVE graduate Sara Afreen, co-producer: EAVE graduate Jonas Weydemann
  • THE FEVER by Maya da Rin, producer: EAVE graduate Jonas Dornbach

WCF Europe

  • OVERGOD by Gabriel Mascaro, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Pors

Distribution Funding

  • FÉLICITÉ by Alain Gomis, producer: PUENTES graduate Geraldine Sprimont
  • FRENZY by Emin Alper, producer: EAVE graduate Enis Köstepen 


The Hamburg-based film fund Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH) is supporting four films made by EAVE graduates:

Production Funding

  • 7500 by Patrick Vollrath, producer: EAVE Marketing Workshop graduate Jonas Katzenstein

Development Funding

  • PELIKANBLUT by Katrin Gebbe, producer: EAVE graduate Verena Gräfe-Höft
  • FRÜHSTÜCK BEI STEFANIE by Lars Jessen, producer: EAVE graduate Ralph Schwingel

Script Funding

  • FREUD UND KLEID by Sabine Steyer-Violet & Knut Mierswe, producer: EAVE graduate Dirk Decker


  • MICRO ROBERT by Nadav Lapid, producer: EAVE graduate Jonas Dornbach is supported by the German-French Funding Commission. Co- producers are SBS Films, Paris, and Pie Films, Tel Aviv.


Five new titles by EAVE graduates have been selected for support by the Netherlands Film Fund:

  • ASCENSION DAY by Bas Devos, producer: EAVE graduate Tomas Leyers
  • BLOODY MARIE by Guido van Driel, producer: EAVE graduate Floor Onrust
  • DEAD & BEAUTIFUL by David Verbeek, producer: EAVE graduate Léontine Petit
  • JADE by Sacha Polak, producer: EAVE graduate Marleen Slot
  • THE MIRACLE OF THE SARGASSO SEA by Syllas Tzoumerkas, producers: EAVE graduates Maria Drandaki and Ellen Havenith, EAVE+ graduate Titus Kreyenberg


The IDFA Bertha Fund has concluded its May 2017 selection round. For IBF Europe, the fund held a selection round for the International Co-production Support category. Among the selected projects are:

  • A COMEDIAN IN A SYRIAN TRAGEDY by Rami Farah, producer: EAVE graduate Signe Byrge Sørensen
  • BUDDHA IN AFRICA by Nicole Schafer, producer: EAVE graduate David Herdies
  • THE LAST GUARDIAN by Arun Bhattarai & Dorottya Zurbo, producer: EAVE graduate Julianna Ugrin


In ist latest funding round Wallimage selected the followoing films and TV Series by EAVE graduates:

  • CONTINUER by Joachim Lafosse, producer: EAVE graduate Jacques-Henri Bronckart
  • THE EAST by Jim Taihuttu, producer: EAVE graduate  Benoît Roland
  • ENNEMI PUBLIC produced by EAVE graduate Sébastien Delloye
  • LES ROUTES DE L’ESCLAVAGE produced by EAVE graduate Annabella Nezri


The Swedish Film Institute has given €3 million to 17 new films, six of which are features and 11 shorts. Among the features are:

  • HORIZON by EAVE graduate Tinatin Karjishvili, producer: EAVE graduate  David Herdies
  • THE MIRACLE OF THE SARGASSO SEA by Syllas Tsoumerkas, producers: EAVE graduates Maria Drandaki, Titus Kreyenberg, Ellen Havenith, Olle Wirenhed


The Slovenian Film Centre (SFC) has announced its new round of financing for minority co-productions. Among the funded projects are:

  • FATHER by Srdan Golubovic, co-producer: EAVE group leader Danijel Hocevar
  • ILLYRICVM by Simon Bogojevic Narath, producer: EAVE graduate and Croatian National Coordinator Ankica Juric Tilic
  • MY GRANDPA IS AN ALIEN by Drazen Sarkovic and Marina Andree Skop, producer: EAVE graduate Darija Kulenovic Gudan supports 11 projects, including 8 fiction features. Among them are four films by EAVE graduates.

  • FOR A HAPPY LIFE by Salima Glamine and Dimitri Linder, producer: EAVE graduate Valerie Bourdonville
  • LE MILIEU DE L’HORIZON by Delphine Lehericey, producer: EAVE graduate Sébastien Delloye
  • PATSER by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, producer: EAVE graduate Benoît Roland.
  • THE MERCY IN THE JUNGLE by Joël Karekezi, producer: EAVE graduate Aurélien Bodinaux


  • PARI by Siamak Etemadi, producer: EAVE graduate Laurette Schillings, co-producers: Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Borislav Chouchkov gets support from the Bulgarian National Film Center. The Athens-set drama follows the devout Muslim parents of an Iranian student studying in the Greek capital who must search for their son after he goes missing. PARI has been developed through the Torino Film Lab, Cannes Film Festival’s L’Atelier Cinefondation, and was the winner of the CNC Award at Sarajevo Film Festival’s CineLink in 2014. It has backing from Creative Europe’s MEDIA programme, the Greek Film Centre, Greek broadcaster ERT S.A, and France’s Centre National Cinematographique. Shooting is planned for autumn.


  • ESCAPADA by Sarah Hirtt, co-producer: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges is in pre-production. With this film, she once again returns to the subject of siblings torn apart by life, this time in Spain as a result of a modest family inheritance. Each sibling has their own vision of the world, and their own plans for the inheritance… Filming is set to begin on in September.


  • EAVE project ANOTHER DAY IN BAGHDAD by Maysoon Pachachi, producer: EAVE graduate Talal Al-Muhanna is supported by the British Film Institute.


  • THE MAN WHO SURPRISED EVERYONE by Natalya Merkuloa and Alexey Chupov, co-producers: EAVE graduates Guillaume de Seille and Katrin Kissa is in pre-production. The film is set in a remote Siberian village, where a Russian man assumes the identity of a woman because of a superstitious belief that he can overcome terminal cancer by cheating death. The lead producer is Russia’s Pan Atlantic Studio. Support comes from the Estonian Film Institute.

Page published 20 July 2017. Updated 21 July 2017.

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