EAVE project HISTORY OF LOVE is in pre-production

In Pre-Production April 2017

The Netherlands Film Production Incentive scheme has selected 12 new film projects. The projects supported in the first round are:

  • THE BEAST IN THE JUNGLE by Clara van Gool, producer: EAVE+ graduate Alexander Dumreicher-Ivanceanu
  • BLOODY MARIE by Guido van Driel, producer: EAVE graduate Floor Onrust
  • EDEN by Agnes Kocsis, co-producer: EAVE graduate Tudor Giurgiu
  • MRS. F. by Chris van der Vorm, producer: EAVE graduate Denis Vaslin 
  • ORANGE FEVER by Pim van Hoeve, producers: EAVE graduates Frans van Gestel, Arnold Heslenfeld, Laurette Schillings
  • RAFAEL by Ben Sombogaart, producers: EAVE graduates Reinier Selen, Sinisa Juricic 
  • THE RIVER by Max Jacoby, producer: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges


The Estonian Film Centre announced the production grants for 2017. Among them are three projects by EAVE graduates:

  • CLASS REUNION 2 by Rene Vilbre, producer: EAVE+ graduate Kristian Taska
  • THE DISSIDENTS by Jaak Kilmi, producer: EAVE+ graduate Kristian Taska
  • THE LAST by Veiko Õunpuu, producer: EAVE graduate Katrin Kissa


Among the projects funded by the Lithuanian Film Centre are three projects by EAVE graduates:

  • THE FLOOD WON’T COME by Marat Sargsyan, producer: EAVE graduate Ieva Norviliene
  • THE SPOON by Laila Pakalnina, producer: EAVE graduate and Lithuanian National Coordinator Dagne Vildziunaite
  • ZMONES, KURIUOS PAZISTAM by Tomas Smulkis, producer: EAVE graduate and Lithuanian National Coordinator Dagne Vildziunaite supports national and international projects produced, co-produced and/or filmed in Brussels. In this first 2017 session, 13 projects will receive funding, including eight feature films.

  • DUELLES by Olivier Masset-Depasse, producer: EAVE graduate Jacques-Henri Bronckart
  • NIET SCHIENEN by Stijn Coninx, producer: EAVE graduate Peter Bouckaert
  • FAITES ENTRER LES FIGURANTS by Sanaa Azari, producer: EAVE graduate Isabelle Truc
  • THE BREAK by Benjamin d’Aoust and Stéphane Bergman, producer: PUENTES graduate Anthony Rey


  • EAVE project HISTORY OF LOVE by Sonja Prosenc, producers: EAVE graduates Rok Secen, Nadja Trevisan and Jarle Bjørknes is in pre-production. Set up as a contemporary psychological drama, the film tells the story of a girl who, after the death of her mother, submerges herself in a world completely different from the one she is used to in order to come to terms with her new reality. The film received funding from the Norwegian Film Institute and the Zefyr Media Fund Stavanger in Norway, from MEDIA and the Slovenian Film Centre, and pending funding from the Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission. Prosenc will begin principal photography on 28 June 2017 on location in Slovenia and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. |


  • OTTO THE BARBARIAN by Ruxandra Ghitescu, producer: EAVE graduate Iuliana Tarnovetchi is in development. The screenplay, written by Ghiţescu, focuses on the title character, Otto, a 17-year-old punk involved in a social-services investigation into the death of his girlfriend, Laura. Feeling hemmed in by the pressure of his and Laura’s relatives, Otto finds solace in obsessively watching and editing video recordings of her. As a social worker, Costin, slowly finds a way to communicate with the teenager, Otto will have to face his feelings and guilt. Support comes from the Romanian National Film Center. Principal photography is planned for the end of the year, with a longer shooting period scheduled for next March.


The Czech State Cinematography Fund grants 12 minority co-productions. Among them are:

  • IS THIS WHAT YOU WERE BORN FOR by Radu Jude, producer: EAVE graduate Jiri Konecny
  • MERCY by Jan Jakub Kolsky, producer: EAVE graduate Jan Macola


  • THE LAST SOCIALIST ARTEFACT by Dalibor Matanic, producer: EAVE graduates and Croatian National Coordinator Ankica Juric Tilic and Milan Stojanovic is currently in development. The six-part TV series is a Croatian/Serbian co-production and set for shooting in 2018. Based on the novel by Robert Perisic the film follows two guys from Zagreb, who revive a former industrial town full of discouraged residents. According to the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the series is among the 16 projects selected from 312 applications for the prestigious television copoduction forum Series Mania Television Festival, which will take placein Paris mid-April 2017. |


  • ADVENTURES OF A MATHEMATICIAN, written and directed by Thor Klein, producers: EAVE graduates Joanna Szymanska and Lena Vurma received the TFI/ Sloan Filmmaker Fund. The film tells the warmhearted true story of Polish immigrant and mathematician Stan Ulam, who moved to the U.S. in the 1930s. Stan deals with the difficult losses of family and friends all while helping to create both the hydrogen bomb and the first computer. |

Page published 26 April 2017. Updated 15 May 2017.

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