EAVE project BAD POEMS now in post-production

In Post-Production October 2017

  • HORIZON, produced and directed by EAVE graduate Tinatin Kajrishvili is in post-production. Giorgi and Ana, once a loving couple, are in the difficult process of separation, which goes quietly without attracting the attention of others. Shock seems to have passed, but getting used to a new way of life seems endless. Gemini and Artizm are producing in co-production with Sweden’s Momento Film and Germany's UnaFilm. Producers are the EAVE graduates Tinatin Kajrishvili, Lasha Khalvashi, David Herdies and Titus Kreyenberg. The project is supported by the Georgian National Film Center and the Swedish Film Institute. The project was selected for Meetings on the Bridge 2015 and applied for CineLink Industry Days 2017.The film was shot on location at Poti (Paliastomi  Lake), Kobuleti, Batumi and Tbilisi.

  • EAVE project BAD POEMS by Gabor Reisz, producer: EAVE graduate Juli Berkes, co-producer: EAVE graduate Estelle Robin You is in post-production. BAD POEMS is a personal confession born from heartbreak. Through 33 year old Tamas Merthner's memories and his subjective history lessons, he searches for answers to present-day romantic and existential problems. Having been pre-purchased by Rtl Klub, the feature is also receiving support from the Hungarian Film Incentive and the French region of Pays de la Loire. |

  • MY LAST YEAR AS A LOSER by Ursa Menart finished shooting. The story of a 29-year-old unemployed girl, who is stuck in the midst of Slovenia's seemingly never-ending economic crisis, is Menart’s debut feature. The film is a comedy/drama about disillusionment, shame and the gap between the overeducated, underemployed millennials and their parents, who had high expectations for their kids and feel powerless when watching them fail. Produced by Danijel Hočevar through Vertigo in coproduction with NuFrame, 100 and RTV Slovenia, the project was supported by the Slovenian Film Center.

  • PEITRUSS by Max Jacoby, producer: EAVE graduate and Head of Studies Jani Thiltges finished shooting. The plot: Lara, a woman who is just getting accustomed to her newfound love for the brooding Joakim. However, her ex-husband, policeman Toni, accuses Joakim of being responsible for a string of unsolved murders that are terrorising Luxembourg. Hoping to prove Joakim’s innocence, Lara is haunted by the question: “Do I really know the man I love?” Principal photography on this co-production between Luxembourg-based outfit Samsa Film and the Netherlands’ New Amsterdam Film Company wrapped in the beginning of October.

  • PLEIN LA VUE by Philippe Lyon, producer: EAVE graduate Valérie Bournonville is in post-production. Shooting took place from August until end of September in Liège, Belgium. The French film is majority-produced in Belgium by Tarantula and supported by Walloon Audiovisual Investment.

Page published 26 October 2017. Updated 31 October 2017.

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