THE FORBIDDEN AUNT shooting in Serbia, USA and Australia

In Production February 2017

  • PAUL SANCHEZ EST REVENU by Patricia Mazuy, producer: EAVE graduate Patrick Sobelman is in production. Written by Yves Thomas and Patricia Mazuy, the screenplay opens with a piece of news: Paul Sanchez, a criminal who disappeared 15 years ago, is back! At the Les Arcs police station, nobody can quite believe it, except perhaps female police officer Marion… Produced by Patrick Sobelman for Ex Nihilo, the film is being co-produced by Cinéfeel, Belgian company Les Films du Fleuve, and by SBS, which will handle the film’s distribution in France along with international sales. Pre-purchased by Canal+ and Ciné+, the feature has also received support in the form of an advance on receipts from the CNC and Manon Sofica. Filming will take place until 6 April in the Var.


  • THE FORBIDDEN AUNT by Bojana Novakovic, producer: EAVE graduate Milan Stojanovic is in production. The directorial debut of Serbian actress Bojana Novakovic centers on the director’s own aunt. In a world swamped with soap operas, a Serbian family proves that life is far more dramatic, frightening and stranger than fiction, as Novaković seeks to uncover the life and personality of the one family member she was never allowed to know – her bohemian, endlessly energetic aunt Gordana. “What started as a video portrait of Bojana’s aunt Gordana, developed into a touching family drama and a feature documentary film, that uncovers secrets and traumas of several generations of women in one family,” said Stojanović. The film has received funding from Film Center Serbia. Shooting is currently underway on location in Serbia, USA and Australia. 

Page published 24 February 2017.

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