Constanza Arena

Constanza Arena

Filmmaker (Executive Director of Cinemachile), Cinemachile, Chile

Sebastien Aubert

Sebastien Aubert

CEO, Producer, ADASTRA FILMS, France

PW project: A GIRL\'S ROOM

Sarra Ben Hassen

Producer, Cinetelefilms, Tunisia

PW project: Roman Ruins

Anais Bertrand

Anais Bertrand

Producer, Insolence Productions, France

PW project: Siberia

Claire Bodechon

Producer, Timshel Productions, France

PW project: Scum of the Earth

Ioanna Bolomyti

Producer, Post Production Supervisor, Argonauts Productions SA, Greece

PW project: Behind the Haystacks

Peter Brown

Project Manager, Film Fund Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Merry Colomer

Associate Producer, Morena Films, Spain

Maxim Dashkin

Maxim Dashkin

Victoria Films, Russia

B`EST project: The Longest Birthday / PW project: The Flight of the Wasp

Tolga Dilsiz

Tolga Dilsiz

Producer, 8horses GmbH, Switzerland

PW project: The Jungle

Simon Doyle

Producer, Fail Safe Films, Ireland

PW project: Double Blind

Nora Ehrmann

Producer, Zischlermann filmproduktion GmbH, Germany

Rachel Daisy Clarke Ellis

Producer/Writer, Desvia, Brazil

PW project: Centre of the Earth

Alexandre Gavras

Producer, KG Productions, France

Suzan Güverte

Producer, Güverte Film, Turkey

PW project: Yurt (Dormitory)

Marta Golba

Endorfina Studio, Poland

PW project: The Sybil

Anne-Laure Guegan

Producer, Need Productions, Belgium

Dina Harb

Managing Director/ Producer, Birthmark Films, Egypt

Stefan Henriksson Linden

Producer, New Stories AB / Unlimited Stories AB, Sweden

PW project: First Among Equals

Anton Iffland Stettner

Anton Iffland Stettner

Producer, Stenola Productions, Belgium

PW project: Ile de la Demoiselle

Bujar Kabasi

Bujar Kabasi

Producer, N\'ART + WOOF FILMS, Kosovo, Croatia

PW project: Hotline

Stelana Kliris

Stelana Kliris

Producer / Director, Meraki Films, Cyprus

PW project: The Islander

Marika Kozlovska

Marika Kozlovska

Producer, Freelancer, Germany

Maciej Kubicki

producer, Telemark, Poland

PW project: A Film Odyssey

Lize Lefaible

Lize Lefaible

Head of Development, Potemkino, Belgium

Luca Legnani

Producer, 9.99 Films Srl, Italy

Ivan Madeo

Ivan Madeo

Producer / CEO / Partner, Contrast Film Bern / Contrast Film Zurich, Switzerland

PW project: Terre Promise (Promised Land)

Khalid Maimouni

Producer, The End AS, Norway

PW project: Save - The Last of the First

Mikulas Novotny

Producer, Background Films, Czech Republic

PW project: Gregorius

Petra Oplatkova

Producer, Sirena Film, Artcam Films, Czech Republic

PW project: Plague

Hrvoje Osvadic

Producer, Petnaesta umjetnost d.o.o., Croatia

Marko Paljic

Producer, Gargantua Films, Serbia

Zeki Peynirci

Producer, Ustaoglu Film Production, Turkey

PW project: Snow and the Bear

Barbara Pichler

Producer & CEO, KGP Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production GmbH, Austria

Filipa Reis

Producer, Director, Uma pedra no sapato, Portugal

Michael Rozenbaum

Producer, Transfax Film Productions, Israel

Moustapha Sawadogo

Producer, Racines Productions, Burkina Faso

PW project: Duba, the scavengers

Bongiwe Selane

Bongiwe Selane

Producer, Blingola Media, South Africa

PW project: Miles From Nowhere

Gabriele Simon

Gabriele Simon

Producer / Writer, Flare Film GmbH, Germany

Carla Sospedra Salvado

Carla Sospedra Salvado

Producer, Freelance, Spain

PW project: What have we done wrong?

Radu Stancu

Radu Stancu

Producer / Owner, deFilm, Romania

PW proejct: To the North

Rikke Tambo Andersen

Bullitt Film ApS & Tambo Film IVS, Denmark

PW project: The Pipe Dream

Roel Van de Weijer

Partner (executive producer), The Foundry, Netherlands

Marieke van den Bersselaar

Producer, POLAR STAR FILMS, Spain

PW project: ONE with Steve McCurry

Nicolas Van Hemelryck

Nicolas Van Hemelryck

Producer / Director / DoP, Casa Tarántula, Colombia

Konstantinos Vassilaros

Konstantinos Vassilaros

Producer, Studiobauhaus, Greece

PW and TTB project: Holy Emy

Anita Voorham

Feature Film Consultant, The Netherlands Film Fund, Netherlands

Yvonne Wellie

Producer, Weydemann Bros. GmbH, Germany

PW project: Morgen Mehr (Tomorrow More)

Vladimir Yatsenko

Vladimir Yatsenko

Producer / Owner, LIMELITE, Ukraine

MW: Voroshilovgrad

Ben Young

Ben Young

Writer/Producer, Third Films, United Kingdom

PW project: Whistleblower

Balázs Zachar

Freelance producerHungary

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